An initiative of Brazilian civil society aiming to defend and improve democratic practice in Brazil.

    Formed by a plural group of movements, organizations and relevant social actors, Pact for Democracy seeks to build a space for expressing, rescuing and deepening democratic practices and values under the challenges faced in Brazil in recent years.
    With this in mind, Pact for Democracy works as a non-partisan platform open to all citizens, civil society organizations and political actors.


    The disregard for democracy and its principles was prominent in the statements of the
    Bolsonaro family once again.This time, the deputy of Sao Paulo Eduardo Bolsonaro said he
    would use Institutional Act No. 5 to refrain a potential radicalization of the left in Brazil.

    To Mr. President Jair M. Bolsonaro,


    It is a harmful practice to ascribe to others the responsibility for events for which you are actually responsible. The undersigned organizations are deeply concerned with the fallacious and very serious statement made by you on the 21th of August, implying without any evidence that non-governmental organizations could be responsible for the ongoing burning in the Amazon as way of denouncing your government internationally.

  • This platform is guided by three key points:


    Promoting democratic culture, valuing pluralism, tolerance and citizen engagement within the democratic framework


    Defending and reinvigorating democratic rules, as well as the principles, freedoms and fundamental rights stated in Brazil’s Constitution


    Strengthening collective actions which defend a democratic culture

  • These points are crucial to overcome major social, economic and environmental challenges to build the country we need, and must be common goals now more than ever.
    All activities can be followed in the website gallery and through frequent participations in the media. The main statements can be seen in the Public Notes made by all the organizations of Pact for Democracy network. To help coordinating these activities, we count on a team of six people with different backgrounds and experiences.
    Pact for Democracy activities are divided into four areas:

    1. democratic culture, valuing pluralism, tolerance and citizen engagement
    2. public sphere, enhancing spaces that promote public debate and fact-checking
    3. defense of democracy and
    4. improvement of democracy, both guaranteeing the principles, freedoms and fundamental rights stated in Brazil’s Constitution.

    Pact for Democracy coordinates joint activities among its organizations and identifies civil society initiatives seeking to preserve democratic values and to improve institutions and political spaces. It also promotes critical thinking by stimulating conversations about democracy in Brazil and abroad. Moreover, it disseminates information about several initiatives dealing with democratic practices in the country.
    Above all, Pact for Democracy is a space marked by the diversity which is essential for democracy, bringing together individuals with different visions, backgrounds and identities who see themselves as part of the democratic space, and believe that only within this space it is possible to move towards the fair, shared and fulfilled society we can be.